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Muscular Wellness


How is myopractic different from massage?

Myopractic works on the principle that “muscles move bones”. There is always a corresponding muscle dysfunction to any bone misalignment, which is the main cause of pain and discomfort. Myopracticis an advanced form of musculoskeletal body work which achieves long term relief. Myopractic is designed to improve the body’s balance and posture by moving muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones.

Is the treatment painful?

Because we are correcting misalignment, you will feel some pain. Clients report a great relief of pain and increased range of motion after a treatment.

Can I receive Myopractic while I am pregnant?

Yes! Our practitioners are certified in pregnancy massage and those who are pregnant can also experience the benefits of Myopractic!

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance but you may use your Health Savings Account for our services.

Improving your quality of life through Myopractic.
8001 Rowan Road #203
Cranberry, PA 16066