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Muscular Wellness


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I was on a ladder working on my house, and fell off the ladder and landed on my shoulder and head area. I was knocked out for a while from the impact. Because of the fall, I’ve had issues with being able to lift my left arm over my head for a long time. Just recently I started having trouble with intense knee pain, and I could barely walk. I had to have knee surgery and then therapy to start walking again on my leg, but I was still having issues with lower back pain and was walking with a slight limp with my back still continuing to hurt. I heard good things about Cornerstone of Wellness and decided to give them a try and I’m so glad I did.

Since my second visit at Cornerstone of Wellness, not only is my back and knee pain gone, but she found problems with my shoulder and neck area and I can stretch my arm straight up over my head for the first time in years. I am so grateful that someone told me about Cornerstone of Wellness and that I took a chance to go and see them.


With chronic pain from osteoporosis of the hips, which were bone on bone, chiropractic procedures were of no benefit because of the degradation of the bones. The myopractic treatment at Cornerstone of Wellness was the benefit that kept my muscles in a state of relief from the intense pain. I have elected to have both hips replaced, and I believe it was the myopractic treatment that allowed a quick recovery from surgery and helped my muscles to recover. My wife is getting relief from tightness in her neck and shoulders as a result of the treatments of myopractic or deep muscle massage! Thank you, Roni, for your care and concern!

~Rich and Mary Jane

I was having severe sciatic type pain in my hips, lower back, and down my legs. My friend told me how much the myopractic treatments helped him, so I decided to give it a try. I could hardly walk into the office, but once I had the treatment I was moving much better and the next day I was able to move without the pain I had had for weeks. Thank you, Roni, for what you do to help others with pain relief!


I work as a mason and do a lot of lifting, bending, and squatting, and I have low back and shoulder pain most of the time. I went to Cornerstone of Wellness to see Roni, and after two treatments I had no more pain. I highly recommend Cornerstone of Wellness for treatment to realize pain relief! I now receive regular maintenance treatments and it prevents me from experiencing the excruciating pain I was living in.


I have had a lot of issues with leg cramps all night due to diabetes and went to see Roni at Cornerstone of Wellness. I had a treatment on a Friday and that night I had no leg cramps. On Saturday, I was on my tractor for 8 hours and normally that would really increase the leg cramps with all the sitting. That night I again had no leg cramps, which was a miracle for me! I have realized relief of pain in my legs and feet as well. I highly recommend Cornerstone of Wellness for myopractic treatment. I now get regular treatments and have had such a better quality of life without cramps, aches, and pains.


I have been seeing Roni for lower back pain as well as some hip pain. I also have fibromyalgia, and it is hard to find anything that really brings relief for that. However, I realized after a few treatments that the treatments I was receiving from her were bringing me the most relief from the fibromyalgia symptoms. I see Roni every couple of weeks and it keeps my fibromyalgia in check. I can definitely tell when I have not been able to get in to see her for longer than a couple of weeks, as I am in pain and reminded of how much relief I get by regularly getting treatments. I highly recommend Cornerstone of Wellness for any discomfort or injury you may be experiencing. Once you get a treatment you will definitely want to get on a maintenance schedule!


I frequently deal with a tight, pinched feeling on the left side of my neck. I learned how to be careful not to make it worse, and grew accustomed to the way it was. I heard about Roni at Cornerstone of Wellness and went to see her. When she worked on my neck, she discovered that the root of the problem was actually extreme tightness in my left shoulder. She gave me a treatment and was able to release the muscles in my neck and shoulder and bring them into alignment. We brainstormed ideas about how my neck got to such a state to begin with; lifting and carrying my toddler and baby seemed to be the culprit. That hasn’t changed, but I am now armed with the knowledge of stretches to take care of my neck. I also know where to go should I need relief!


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